Africanized bees dangerous?

Are Africanized Bees In Miami Florida Dangerous?

There has been much hype on the media about Africanized bees in Miami Florida and the dangers that they present. Attacks by bees that result in severe stings or even fatalities are quoted on a regular basis. But how dangerous are African Honey Bees really and what are the real risks.

  1. Bee Behavior

Honeybees by nature are not aggressive and will not sting. In fact, they do NOT want to sting you. A bee only has one sting and once they use it, they will die. Although they are quite willing to sacrifice their lives for queen and hive, they will not simply sting for no reason. A honeybee that is left alone will therefore not sting.

Africanized Bees on the other hand are far more aggressive than the passive common honeybee. They are far more likely to swarm, attack and sting than common honeybees. However, this is once again most likely to occur when there is a threat to their lives, their hive or their queen. It is not as if they are actively going in search of humans to sting.

  1. The Sting

It is a common misconception that Africanized Bee stings are more venomous than regular honeybee stings or that these bees deliver more venom per sting. This is not the case. The concentration and amount of venom is very similar to that of a honeybee. The reason why Africanized Bee attacks are more likely to be serious or fatal all comes down to their behavior.

Because Africanized Bees are more aggressive, they will swarm and therefore multiple stings from multiple bees is the outcome. More venom is delivered from more stings and this is the simple explanation as to why Africanized Bees are considered to be more dangerous than common honeybees.

  1. The Call To Arms

When a bee stings, it releases a chemical into the air that signals other bees in the vicinity that there is a threat. With honeybees, this signal tells them to stay away unless they are near their hive when they will be stimulated to protect their home and the queen.

Africanized Bees react a little differently to this signal. Rather than staying away from trouble, they will rush in and sting whether they are near their hive or not.

Africanized Bees in Miami Florida are more dangerous than regular honeybees simply because they are more aggressive and their stings can result in serious harm or be fatal. It is therefore highly recommended to call in expert bee removal services if you have a bee problem rather than address the issue yourself.

The bee experts will be able to identify whether you have regular honeybees or the more dangerous Africanized species. Once they have identified which species is problematic, they will take steps to either remove the bees or eliminate them.

Whether to kill the bees or safely relocate them depends largely on the threat that they pose. If the risk is high, the bees will need to be eliminated. Low risk honeybees can be safely relocated whereas Africanized Bees will most likely need to be eliminated.

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