When Is It Time for a Root Canal?

too late for a root canalMost people get very concerned when the words root canal are being used. A visit to the doctor accompanied by pain may require a simple extraction but there are times when other options are chosen. The problem with a root canal is that the signs to have one performed may not always be a simple one. There are a few reasonably clear options that a root canal should be considered. If any of these problems exist then a dental appointment should be set up for an immediate evaluation.


One of the first things to consider is that your indications for the procedure are not always about pain. You may be going about your routine without a care in the world when you realize that there is some level of discomfort around one or more of your teeth. It is also possible for the color of your teeth to change or even be slightly discolored. The level of discoloration will depend on the stage of your infection. In the same manner if you are experiencing discomfort it will continue to increase and eventually evolve into excruciating pain.

The pain

There is almost no chance of avoiding a painful tooth infection especially since it goes straight to the nerves. More often than not, the infection will trigger a great deal of pain when you touch the area in question. An infection does not stop at the tooth it heads straight for the source and wreaks havoc through inflamed nerves. Sitting on a tooth infection that has progressed to the nerves is next to impossible since it will affect your ability to chew your food.

Not just a feeling

Most patients will be asked to sit through a few x rays before a diagnosis can be made. If you have ever attempted to consume a glass of cold liquid such as water or milk with an infection you will understand. The sensitivity to extreme temperatures will trigger excruciating pain. That pain may not be immediately obvious to the patient. If it is accompanied by tenderness or swelling then the diagnosis will usually turn out to be a root canal.

Second attempt

Broken or cracked teeth do not always point to a root canal but there are times when the diagnosis will turn out that way. There are instances when a root canal will fail to solve the problem and it may be necessary to repeat the process. It is always possible that the effects of your pain will not be discovered until the middle of the night on a weekend. Most patients simply want to experience relief which may not be readily available. The odds are pretty good that you will need to take an antibiotic to deal with the infection.

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