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live bee removal

Live Bee Removal Process

Live Bee Removal

Bees form a critical role in the ecosystem and are largely responsible for the pollination of a major percentage of plant-life. A large portion of the agricultural sector depends on these tiny little busy bodies to pollinate their crops.

Beekeeping is therefore not only about the commercial value of producing and selling honey or beeswax but also about providing this valuable pollination to the commercial sector. Live bee removal is thus not just about a humane means of getting rid of bees but also for commercial reasons.

Beekeepers will often offer their bee removal services free of charge and relocate the bees to where they would provide the greatest commercial value. However, there may be some charges involved to cover the cost of materials that are used during the process.

So what is the live bee removal process and how does it work?

Step 1 – Safety First

Professional bee removal experts will probably require the property to be vacated during the process. Although they take measures to keep the bees calm, bees can become aggressive when they believe that their hive is under threat and may swarm and attack. Multiple bee stings can be dangerous and even fatal. Even one sting can be risky for a person who is allergic. Beekeepers will wear suits and protective gear to avoid getting stung.

Step 2 – Stay Calm

Traditionally, beekeepers used smoke to keep bees calm during a removal process. These days, they us a gas that is pumped into the hive that makes the bees sleepy and keeps them calm. This is necessary not just to prevent aggressive stinging attacks but to ensure that the bees remain with the hive when it is relocated. Swarms that do not have a hive or comb don’t require this step in the process. They don’t have a home or queen to protect and are therefore less likely to become aggressive.

Step 3 – Removal

The bee removal specialist will take the comb or combs that form part of a hive with the bees and place it in a sealed container for transit to its new location. Any bees that remain behind will disperse because there is no longer a hive to tend to. The combs are made of wax and are where new honeybees grow into adulthood and where the honey is made and stored.

Step 4 – Relocation

The bee removal specialist will relocate the bees to a suitable location where they will be of greatest value. Beekeepers will probably keep the bees and hive to grow their own business. However, they may sell the bees for commercial agricultural reasons.

Why is live bee removal preferable?

As explained above, keeping those precious little creatures alive is of benefit to the environment as well as having commercial value. It is also the healthier option when compared to eliminating bees. Pesticides or insecticides that are toxic are used to kill bees and these can be harmful to human and animal life as well as hazardous to the environment. However, it is important to be aware that sometimes, eliminating bees is the better or only option available.

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Finding A Reputable Bee Specialist

Do you find yourself in a position where you have a hive of bees surrounding your property that you need to deal with? While you might assume they are doing it just to annoy you. The reality is, they are simply looking for a home. Bees are a very important component of a healthy ecosystem. Because of this, you shouldn’t do anything on your own or you risk harming not only yourself but the bees. In this article, we will be going over some of the steps you can take to find a reputable bee specialist.

Finding A Reputable Bee Specialist:

  1. Try To Identify The Bees

First and foremost, you want to try to identify the bees as best as possible. If you are looking to call on a bee specialist, you want to be certain that you are dealing with honey bees and not wasps. You should be able to tell the difference between a honey bee and a wasp relatively easily with the help of photo identification.

  1. Don’t Attempt To Get Rid Of Them Yourself

As mentioned, you want to avoid any attempts to get rid of the bees on your own. Having honey bees around your property is not the worst thing in the world. They are not seeking to sting you. Rather, they are looking for a home. The honey bee population is reducing at an alarming rate. Because of this, it is essential we do our best to protect them and to continue to care for them as well as possible. Never attempt to get rid of a swarm of bees or any honey bees on your property. Instead, call on a specialist that deals with bees.

  1. Ask For Insurance

Whenever you are looking to hire someone to help deal with bees on your property, one of the very first questions you should be asking is about insurance. After all, the beekeeper or specialist is going to be heading to your property where you would be held liable if they were to get injured without the requisite insurance. Because of this, you should be aiming to identify whether or not they have proof of insurance to try to distinguish whether or not they are a professional.

  1. Ask Questions

Ask any questions that you might have pertaining to the bees and the removal of said bees. You can ask everything from where the bees are going to be taken to the duration of time you will spend waiting. Any questions that you have are fair game. After all, you want to be certain you are hiring a professional and someone that is actually going to be able to handle the job.

  1. Get a Written Contract

If you have decided to hire a specialist, you want to get a contract in writing. Not only do you want to have it in writing to ensure that you will be protected, but also so they do the job they were hired to do and that they don’t harm the bees during the extraction process.

By following the tips above, you should be able to smoothly handle any bee problems you might be dealing with. Always call on a professional with experience when dealing with bees. Likewise, try to find a specialist with proof of insurance to better protect yourself.

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bee removal near me

Need Bee Removal Near Me? Hire the Experts to Take Care of the Bee Problem

Need Bee Removal Near Me? Hire the Experts to Take Care of the Bee Problem

When you are suddenly noticing a large number of bees near your home, you might start to worry more about the possibility of getting stung by one of them. Not only is a beesting painful, but it is frustrating to have so many bees surrounding your personal property when you are trying to enjoy yourself outside. If you are spotting a lot of bees, you likely have a beehive somewhere on your property. However, this can quickly turn into a dangerous situation, and that is why you will need to search for bee removal near me to get professional help with the removal process.

Working on Getting Rid of the Nest

Upon arriving at your home, the professional will look for nests that might surround your property. These nests are often hanging from trees and may be difficult to spot in areas that are crowded by lots of greenery, but the professional will find it. If possible, the professional will work on removing the nest directly from the source to keep the bees from bothering you again. However, additional steps may be necessary to get rid of all the bees and the nest they are living in for good.

The professional may need to spray a pesticide directly on the nest. As soon as the bees start to come out of the nest, they will begin dying off because the pesticide is strong enough to kill them upon impact. It is a solution that is highly effective and preferred by many property owners. You would need to talk to the expert about the type of pesticide used because you do want to make sure it is not going to cause any harm to your or any of the pets you might have, such as cats and dogs.

Setting Out Sweet Traps for the Bees

If there are still bees lingering around despite the destruction of the nest, additional measures are taken once again. The pest professional would likely use a trap consisting of a sweet liquid that will quickly attract the bees. Once the bees come over to the nest, they will end up falling into the trap and dying, thus resulting in a quick death that keeps you from having to continue dealing with these unwanted bees around your property.

When dealing with bees all over your property, the goal is to get rid of them for good and to keep them from coming back again. You do not want to end up dealing with numerous painful bee stings that can cause a lot of irritation and discomfort for you. It is not very safe to attempt to handle the bees by yourself because of the risk of an attack from multiple bees at once. If you want to play it safe, perform a search for bee removal near me and then choose a professional pest expert to assist you. The expert will take the necessary steps to get rid of the beehive and all the bees that are coming from it.

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diy pest control

The Benefits and Drawbacks of DIY Pest Control

A pest infestation problem, be it major or minor, is something that almost every homeowner has dealt with. It is usually advisable to contact reputable pest control companies for inspections and exterminations when moving into a new residence. These specialists can ideally be of great assistance in a house where you’ve lived for years and are experiencing a pest problem.

However, some individuals decide to take the matter into their own hands and attempt to get rid of the pests using DIY methods. If you have never known the reasons behind this reasoning, or are thinking of taking the same route as well, then this post is for you as we are going to discuss the pros and cons of DIY pest control.

The Pros of DIY Pest Control

Save Money

In the current state of the economy, many individuals decide to handle pest infestations without seeking assistance from experts as they don’t want to incur the seemingly high costs. They feel that purchasing over the counter products and handling the infestation on their own is relatively cheap and more manageable.

You Know Where the Chemicals Have Been Sprayed

Safety is a huge concern in a household where there are small children and pets. That’s why some homeowners tend to feel safer if they know the chemicals and the places that have been treated in their property. With pest control companies, it’s hard to tag along each and every place they do their job. So, if they use harmful products on the flow and have a toddler who crawls on the same, they can do more harm than good to your loved ones. As such, homeowners decide to tackle the issue themselves so that it’s easier to protect their family and pets later on.

The Cons of DIY Pest Control

You’re Not a Trained Professional

Even if you want to feel assured that your loved ones are safe from harmful pesticides and also save some money, you can deny the fact that you’re not trained to handle pest infestations. Pest control experts are specially trained to deal with all kinds of pest infestations in varying situations. As a novice, you can’t beat them when it comes to quality delivery and efficiency.

You Might Spread The Infestation

When dealing with a particular pest like bed bugs, it is possible to carry some with you to another area in your house and spread the infestation. Professional pest control companies know how to deal with all kinds of pest infestations in an efficient manner and can actually give you a guarantee that your pest problem will no longer be an issue when the job is done.

When you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of DIY pest control, trying to tackle the issue one your own is certainly a bigger risk than it’s worth. If you don’t know the pest you’re dealing with, you may end up spending more money, putting your family in danger, and even contribute to a more significant infestation. So, consider contacting a reputable pest control company today!

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